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🔰 Those who want to start shooting 🔰

For those who are about to start hunting or clay shooting

Step 1 Get a gun license

With the permission of the police (Public Safety Commission), you can own a gun and enjoy shooting.

<Flow of possession of a gun>

Apply at the police station

Beginner class (written test) Cost: 6,900 yen

Shooting training application

Shooting training (practical skill test) Cost: 34,000 yen

Gun possession application

Gun possession

<Cost and flow to have a gun>

It costs about 60,000 yen for various procedures. For shotguns, take a beginner's class (written test). If you pass this, you will proceed to shooting training (practical skill test). If you clear these, you can apply for possession of a gun to the Public Safety Commission.

Step 2 Shooting practice

When permission is given, go to the shooting range. I will briefly explain what to prepare, how to use the shooting range, basic etiquette, costs, etc.

<What to prepare>

〇 Gun / bullet and gun possession permit

In order to purchase ammunition, you will need a "Hunting Gun Explosives Control Act" or a "Hunting Gun Explosives Unlicensed Transfer Certificate". The bullets can also be purchased at the Kaga shooting range.

〇 Best for shooting

It is recommended that you wear a vest and wear comfortable clothes. Wear stable shoes such as NG and sneakers for sandals and heels.

〇 Earplugs / ear protectors

There are types that can be put in the ears and types that cover the entire ear like headphones. It is an essential item in the shooting range. Earplugs (¥ 100) are also available at the Kaga shooting range.


Hats, sunglasses (to make the target easier to see and for safety), cleaning kits, gun oil, etc.

<How to use the shooting range>

1. 1. Reception

Please fill in your name, address, contact information, permit number, and event on the attendee reception slip.

2. Follow the instructions to the desired shooting platform

At the Kaga shooting range, trap shooting / skeet shooting / field shooting is possible.

3. 3. Shooting practice

If you are new to shooting or are not familiar with it, please feel free to contact the shooting range staff. If there are staff who can teach, we can teach, and we also hold practice sessions.

4. Reservation

Basically, reservations are not required, but there are days when general practice is not possible due to group reservations and tournament schedules. Please check the schedule as it will be updated on the homepage and SNS from time to time.

<Basic manners in the shooting range>

First of all, safety and manners are the basics. Please follow the rules and enjoy yourself.

1. 1. Always check for actual packaging

2. Never point the muzzle in the direction of people

3. 3. Do not load anywhere other than the shooting platform

4. Be sure to unpack when leaving the shooting platform

5. Do not put your finger in the guard except when shooting

6. Open the engine when carrying or placing the gun on the mount

7. Correct management of guns and ammunition


Admission fee (including insurance) 600 yen

Clay fee 1 round 1,200 yen

Ticket 10 rounds 11,000 yen

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